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Custom T-ShirtsThe Secrets to Best Custom T-Shirts

The Secrets to Best Custom T-Shirts

Ordering the best custom t-shirts is mystifying. Most people do not know where to begin or what areas to consider. The result is they order a lesser quality. That does not match their vision. Avoiding these challenges requires planning and thinking clearly. Those who do this have a design, style, and image meeting all of their needs. They connect with the intended people, organizations, and events.  

How to Find the Best Custom T-Shirts

Finding the best custom t-shirts is not hard. It just requires thinking ahead and planning all aspects of the design. There are several areas to focus on to include the inks, fabrics, and message. 


There are a variety of inks available. The most common ones include water-based and plastisol.  Water-based ink is thinner and it absorbs into the fibers of the material. It allows the shirt to have no feeling of the words and images. There is more flexibility and it cools down quicker. It lasts as long as the t-shirt. Plastisols are shorter in durability. They frequently crack, take away breathability, and flexibility. Knowing how the long shirt and images last are critical to deciding which one works the best. 

For example, using a water-based ink ensures the printing looks good and continues to show images and message for the life of the t-shirt. It is different from plastisol, where the image and words will crack over time. Depending on how long the shirt is worn decides the type of ink. It is something to think about when creating custom t-shirts. 


The fabric decides the look, feel, and image of the t-shirt. There are several different types available to include pure cotton, tri-blends, cotton/polyester, hemp, bamboo, and rayon. Pure cotton shirts are 100% cotton. The material has a soft touch and high quality look. Tri-blends are 50% cotton, 25% rayon, and 25% polyester. It is durable, smooth, and stylish. Cotton and polyester are 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It is cheaper, washes better, does not wrinkle as much, and less likely to shrink. Hemp t-shirts are all the rage. They are environmentally friendly, durable, and comfortable. Bamboo wicks moisture, long-lasting, and keeps body heat down. It is an ideal shirt for hot weather. Rayon is from wood pulp. It absorbs moisture and is common in athletic wear. The biggest drawback is it stretches or shrinks when washed. Choosing the right fabric is essential. It determines the comfort, longevity, and durability.

For example, someone who has an activity for a few days might select a cheaper option such as the cotton/polyester fabric. It lasts longer and is easier to maintain. Compared to a person who has an environmental event, they may want to go with hemp. It sends the intended message and is just as durable as cotton/polyester. The most significant difference is hemp protects the environment. The fabric type is critical depending on t-shirt usage and the audience. 


The message is something to think about when designing custom-shirts. It conveys ideas and images. The ink type and fabrics are showing this vision. Most people do not consider how these factors interact during the design process. 

For example, when choosing t-shirts, the fabrics and ink type plays a role in longevity. People who attend an event or are a part of an organization wear them with pride. They want to show that sense of community and belonging. The t-shirt is a way of remembering the event, organization, and what it means to them. In many cases, they wear it for years to come to connect with these thoughts and ideas. It is significant to look at these factors to illustrate the messages and connect with the intended audience. 

Selecting the best custom t-shirts is critical in showing a sense of style, vision, and community. Thinking about the inks, fabrics, and message are reaching these objectives. Those who do this are bringing their vision to reality and making a last impression on the people wearing it. To learn more about SeeMore Shirts & Tees, check out our website or reach out to our team today at (954) 324-2156.