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Sketching Tips from the T-Shirt Design Studio

The pandemic and its after-effects are making t-shirts increasingly popular among a large demographic of people. Between now and 2028, sales are projected to increase by 9.8% annually and more people want customizable designs. They look for shirts with a unique style and feel to convey their beliefs, personality, and what they represent. The rising disposable income of consumers and their desire to align with these areas are fueling the growth in demand. The problem is that most people don’t know how to effectively design a shirt and often make critical mistakes in the process. There are specific techniques from the t-shirt design studio that captures the images, words, and messages you want to convey. They make the shirts popular with your target audience and showcase the ideas it represents. 

  1. Placement 

The area where you decide to place the words and images is critical in determining if the shirt is cool or a joke. The most effective avenue of placing the words and image is in several locations, including front/back center, the pocket, top back center, and sleeve. The best approach is to use a ruler and measure where everything is going to be placed. Or, seek the help of your local t-shirt design studio in Coral Springs. The basic idea is to create a balance that is visually appealing to the other person looking at it. You want to ensure that it meets one of the above criteria to be seen as high quality. 

It is also essential to think about any logos from the manufacturer placed in locations such as the pocket or sleeve. For instance, Nike allows you to create your custom t-shirts using the images and words you design. The problem is that most people don’t think about placement with the swoosh mark on the sleeve or pocket. It makes the design appear strange and comes off as cheap and a bit of a joke. A practical approach is to think about if there are any manufacturer logos and place your image accordingly with it. The result is you get a high quality look that showcases the symbol of the manufacturer to enhance these views. 

  1. Trendiness

The big challenge is figuring out why you are designing your t-shirt and its purpose. Many people are creating their custom shirts for marketing, promotion, or are giving it out free. It means that if you want people to wear the shirts, they must feel that sense of coolness. A practical approach is to think creatively, do some research, and don’t copy things you find on the internet or social media. Those who put imagination and originality are more likely to develop a design everyone likes. It is unique and fresh, which increases its popularity and the desire to wear the shirts in public. These techniques ensure that the design is something special and is not copying someone else’s originality. 

  1. Quality of Fabric

The fabric’s quality is critical in determining if someone will wear the shirt many times in the future. Many people find a shirt that they love but stop wearing because it shrinks or pulls apart after a few washes. A practical approach is to think about the audience, the activities, and how it affects the durability. You want to ensure that the ink is not too heavy or creates a strange feeling when you are wearing it. The better the quality, the more likely they will wear the shirt in the future. 

For instance, if you are having a charity event such as a 5K race, it is essential to have athletic shirts. They must withstand the amounts of sweat and frequent washing from this crowd of people you are giving it to who attend. The ink needs to make them feel comfortable wearing the shirt for a variety of activities. It builds these positive feelings about the event and the person feels proud being a part of it by wearing the shirt.

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These are a few techniques from the t-shirt design studio that helps to make the shirt something special. Here at SeeMore Shirts & Tees, we have you covered with all the t-shirt design studio techniques. Reach out to our team at 954-708-1100 to get started designing your t-shirt. The idea is to create a t-shirt someone wants to wear in the future and it requires planning. Those who follow these techniques at SeeMore Shirts & Tees will find that their shirts are a hit!