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Silk Screening vs. Printing Custom T-Shirts

When you are looking for the perfect birthday, bachelorette, or event gift, there is nothing more thoughtful than being able to personalize your clothing with something original. When you want to order t-shirts that look good, feel good and commemorate a wonderful time in your life, there is nothing more satisfying than a high-quality custom t-shirt. The right t-shirt can say a lot about the person who wears it. Working with a professional print shop on your handy work of art is the best way to ensure that it looks great.


You Choose the Material

At Seemore Shirts, we know that when you are looking for the perfect shirt it is important that you have choices. Whether you want a heavier-weigh polo shirt for more formal occasions or a lightweight tech-tee for an athletic event, we are here to make sure that your needs are met. We have also researched different price points and can find the best option for you. We want you to be able to wear your design with pride.


You Choose the Size

We spend the overwhelming majority of our time wearing clothes, so you want them to fit well. You want a shirt that will make you feel good when you wear it. When we discuss size with our clients, we talk about how the shirt fits in the shoulders, elbow, biceps and chest. We understand that no two people have the same shape, but everyone deserves a flattering style.


Use the Right Printing Method

We offer our clients different t-shirt printing options. Screen printing and direct-to-garment printing both have different pros and cons. We suggest the option that is right for you based on your order quantity and when you need your t-shirts. Each has its own set of benefits, making it difficult to compare them fully, but during your consultation, we can give you a general idea of each so you can decide which is best for you when you design your own shirt.


Customize Your Design

Seemore Shirts’ t-shirt design studio will allow you to personalize your image. Whether you are looking for something funny or a moving and unique custom photo, we can also help you with that. Our designers will work with you to ensure you get something that matches your vision.


Work With the Experts

Nothing is more thoughtful than a personalized gift from the heart. When you want to give someone a funny, heartfelt present, need a trendy, eye-catching design for your company’s promotional items, or just want something fun for your group of friends or family, you need to have confidence that it will look good. Working with a professional from Seemore Shirts is the best way to ensure that your image looks great. Get your customized shirt and design your own shirt today.