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T-Shirt DesignLogo Placement Guide for Custom Apparel

Logo Placement Guide for Custom Apparel

When you’re designing custom apparel for your brand or business, the logo is one of the most notable features that should be easy to see and recognize. The placement of the logo will contribute to the quality and appeal of the garments. There are a few tips to follow for proper logo placement to ensure it’s easy to see.


1. Center Chest

The center chest is the most popular place for a logo. This puts it front and center and makes it hard to miss. The logo should be 4 to 6 inches below the neckline and the same distance from each seam on the sleeves. If you’re placing the logo on a children’s top, it should be 2 to 3 inches below the neckline.


2. Left Chest

When you want to design your own shirt, the left chest is another place to consider showing off your logo. The centerline should be 7.5 to 9 inches down from the top seam on the shoulder and 4 to 6 inches away from the center of the shirt.


The left chest is a popular area to place a logo because it looks classic and professional. When you design your own shirt with a logo placed this way, you can wear it to the office because it doesn’t appear too casual.


3. Side Sleeve

If you want your logo to be visible but not the main focal point of the custom apparel, you can place it on the left or right side sleeve. While working with a company like Seemore Shirts, request for the logo to be an inch from the hem. The logo should measure 1 to 3 inches wide to prevent it from appearing too small or large on the sleeve.


The side sleeve is a great place for a logo because it’s a subtle area that doesn’t overpower the garment with your T-shirt printing. It still allows your custom apparel to be recognizable and works well on shirts that have graphics or images on the front.


4. On the Hem

The hem is a unique place to put your logo because it’s out of sight but is still visible on custom T-shirts. It doesn’t take up too much space on the shirt, allowing you to add additional graphics. This is a great place to put it if the apparel has a print or pattern that you don’t want to appear cluttered with a logo.


5. Go Oversized

Consider going oversized with your logo if you want it to stand out and make a statement. The giant logo will be easy to view from a distance and will also work as an effective way of advertising your company with your T-shirt printing.


Knowing where to place a logo on your custom apparel can allow you to create a professional and high-quality look. Reach out to our team for more tips and suggestions for manufacturing custom T-shirts that you’re proud to sell to your consumers.