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How To Show Some School Spirit

Spirit week is celebrated in most schools to show students’ and teachers’ enthusiasm and pride for their school. It’s a special time when kids demonstrate their school and team pride by dressing up in costumes that correspond to their theme.

It consists of personalized clothing–usually t-shirts–that features the school’s logo, name, and maybe the mascot to promote pride, unity, and teamwork at the school. Students get creative with the clothes they wear, and most schools set up online stores with a selection of t-shirts and trousers with school logos and mascots to help raise funds for the school.

Customize Your Clothes For Spirit Day

Here are some tips on how you can dress up to show true school spirit by getting clothes customized with printed logos, designs, mascots, and colors.

Custom T-Shirts.

The easiest way to show school spirit is by customizing the school logo or name onto the t-shirt. With t-shirts alone, you get a variety of styling options from crew neck t-shirts to V-necks, polos, yoke to a jersey-style t-shirt.

Design Your Own Hoodie.

You could also personalize a hoodie with the school’s name and logo. A hoodie is a versatile clothing item and a staple in most people’s wardrobes. You can also get hoodies in many different styles, from zipper hoodies to pullover hoodies, athletic hoodies, or sleeveless hoodies.

Custom Sweatshirts.

If your spirit week happens during the winter months, you could customize a sweatshirt. A sweatshirt would make you look stylish no matter how you wear it or what you pair it with. You could customize a sweatshirt in multiple ways:

  • Print your squad name onto your sweatshirt.
  • Add cool custom fonts to your sweatshirt.
  • Print out your name or a quote with your school logo.
  • Dye it in any color or even tie and dye it incorporating the school’s logo colors.

Customize Your Trousers.

Don’t forget about your lowers. You could always pair your custom t-shirts with blue jeans or denim skirts or shorts if you want to be simple. But if you really want to show passion and enthusiasm for your school, incorporate logos and school name onto your lowers too.

DIY Custom Clothes For Spirit Day

Get a plain t-shirt or shirt from the store and personalize it by adding your school colors to it. You could tie and dye it by purchasing a tie-dye kit from a crafts store to make it look more creative and fashionable.

Use fabric paint to make designs or write alphabets or numbers on the t-shirt. You could freestyle by writing with your hand, or you could use a stencil to paint quotes like “Go Team” or “Go Panthers.”

You can also incorporate school colors onto your lowers. Paint them or write names onto the lowers to make them complete your outfit.

Don’t forget to add details to your shoes and socks. Dress up your shoes using permanent or paint markers. However, if you don’t want to ruin your shoes, just change the laces to match your school or team colors.

Go All-Out

Don’t be afraid to show intense support and pride for your school and teams. Go all-out by painting your face in the colors of your team or school. You can also use skin-markers to write saying on your face like “Go Team” or “win.” Show your creativity by adding patterns and design to your face. You could also place temporary tattoo patches or reflective paint underneath your eyes.

Don’t forget your hair; add temporary dye to match it with your school colors. You could also accessorize your hair with colorful ponies, ribbons, or hairbands. Another option is to wear a cap or hat with the school colors, name, or logo.

All the above attention to detail, paired with a customized outfit, will definitely help you show some school spirit and have fun and make memories.

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