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Custom T-ShirtsHow to Create and Get Your Message out Using Custom T-Shirts

How to Create and Get Your Message out Using Custom T-Shirts

A custom t-shirt says a lot to the world and is becoming increasingly popular as a way to advertise and illustrate specific views. T-shirts are trendy not just with a select segment but to corporations and nonprofits. Demand for custom t-shirts is growing exponentially, and it is projected to increase by 54.6% in 2030. 

More people and organizations are turning to t-shirts through what is known as grassroots messaging or marketing. 

However, designing custom t-shirts is more than just putting something down on a shirt, and requires thinking carefully about what you are saying. You should look at numerous factors when planning your design to ensure it creates a lasting impact on the person wearing it and your intended audience. 

The Audience 

You want to consider who will be wearing the shirt, the message, and the images you are showcasing. You need to think about what it represents to the person wearing the t-shirts and how it appeals to the different audiences, such as

  • Under 18 
  • 18 to 35
  • 40 to 65
  • 65 and over

All of these demographics have different views when it comes to social attitudes and what something represents to their generation. 

  • For example, when you see someone wearing a t-shirt with Che Guevara’s image, the t-shirt represents an attitude of defying the odds to the younger generation. Guevara’s views are different from the 65 and older generation, who might not share the same feelings. A t-shirt like this is speaking to a specific demographic and what they represent. 

You want to think about the audience and what views and images you plan to showcase to the world. Attitudes vary among the different segments and some may take things better, whereas others might not look upon what the t-shirt says so favorably. 

We can help you to create custom t-shirts that speak directly to your intended audiences and connects with everyone. 

At See More Shirts, we have years of experience in giving you the styles of the t-shirts you want. 

Durability and Quality

The custom t-shirts you design must be durable, so they don’t shrink or fade after a few washes. Using your own experiences how many times have you received a new t-shirt, started wearing the t-shirt, and stopped?

After one or a few washes the image fades or the t-shirt shrunk and you no longer wore the shirt. 

You want your t-shirts to be durable and made from quality material that lasts, so the person will wear the shirt for a long time. 

  • Cotton is one of the best materials for t-shirt printing and designing, with durability so the fabric can withstand many washes. 
  • Another preferable choice is polyester; the material can withstand lots of washes, the shirts are durable and wrinkle-free. 
  • Rayon is a cheaper material that can be stretched easily but shrinks more than previous choices. 

You should think carefully about what material you are going to be using and if the item is suitable for the activities of the person wearing the t-shirt. At See More Shirts, we have various patterns, materials, and designs to choose from for specific activities. 

The Prices

You don’t want to go with any t-shirt printing company based on the lowest prices, as you will get less quality and a poor design. The best approach is to go with t-shirts that are a little higher in price and quality to have something durable. 

Sometimes, you can receive volume discounts when you are ordering your t-shirts in large quantities. 

We Can Help

At See More Shirts, we have various choices ranging from $.50 to $5.00 per t-shirt. We have t-shirts made in America and other places along with multiple colors to match your tastes. 

Designing your own custom t-shirts can be tricky, and you need to think about the audience, durability, quality, and prices. Call See More Shirts today at 954-708-1100 and go with the best for creating and t-shirt printing. We are located in Coral Springs, just off North University Drive, near Northwest Medical Care and the Sagaris Corporation.