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How to Choose the Best Graphic for T-Shirts

The cold weather has not buried the hope for a warm and pleasant summer.  To spend it in relative freshness, the ideal companion is the t-shirt.  A good solution for the summer, wearing a graphic t-shirt must remain above all art and allow you to express originality and good taste. 

Plain T-shirts with graphic details never go out of fashion and say a lot about your personality and brand.  That is why many people go for custom t-shirts.  However, selecting a graphic design for your shirt isn’t as simple as it sounds.  Here are some tips on how to choose the best graphic for t-shirts.

Nowadays, fashion allows people to express themselves and share their worlds. A graphic t-shirt is the reference textile in personalization and brand creation. Many emerging brands, especially streetwear, start with custom t-shirts showing their own identity to differentiate themselves from others. If you landed here, it’s because you want a custom t-shirt for yourself.

Some manufacturers put all their emphasis on graphic designing, compromising the quality of their products. However, the quality of a t-shirt is an important factor that must not be left out. So, if you’re looking for custom t-shirts printed in Coral Springs, we recommend you choose experienced graphic design experts.

Here are some tips for choosing the best graphic for t-shirts:

Avoid a Huge Mark

Do not bet on a huge design against a plain tee. You are not walking billboards: showing so ostensibly that one has chosen a product just for the brand shows that one is incapable of judging the quality of what one is buying otherwise. Those who follow the latest fashion trends would agree to this. The trend is there, and many people like t-shirts with a huge illustration, combined with typography, but they sometimes look inelegant.

T-Shirt with a Political Message

Just as you don’t wear a UMP or PS badge in everyday life, it’s best to avoid excessively assertive T-shirts, such as Che Guevara, seen and seen again, and even strangely in the most upscale neighborhoods of 92, unless you are a fan.

Avoid a Band Tee (Hip-Hop/Metal)

This kind of tee shows a lack of personality. It’s okay to appreciate a musical movement but not to base your wardrobe entirely on it.

Instead, seek out what interests you in colors and shapes, and find more subtle ways to express your musical tastes. Your style will be truly timeless, and you won’t have to change your wardrobe every six months as your tastes and environment change.

Dodgy Humor

The mindset is the same: adapt to your environment. Certainly, you can necessarily wear this kind of t-shirts in staggered evenings with friends. Consider that they are more of a disguise, and the opportunities to use them will be really limited. In short, you clutter up for not much, and you invest in superfluous parts when you could have bought basics.

If the above no-to-go designs represent about 80% of the graphic t-shirts you can see on the street, then it is normal that you are a little taken aback. So, go for custom t-shirts printed in Coral Springs, select from the wide range of design options, mix and match them, or go for an entirely personalized graphic.

The Size of the Logo

Do not go for a logo that completely covers the t-shirt. If so, and the t-shirt is cheap, it’s probably low quality and will fade after a few washes. It also doesn’t look visually attractive.

Similarly, a ridiculously small logo, typically A4 or smaller, will leave too much empty space on your t-shirt (what graphic designers call spinning white). It will disturb the look, too, because it will logically be more difficult to discern the pattern.

The Colors

Avoid too colorful designs. Your outfit will be too busy, and the pattern will be less highlighted. Also, for graphic design, it is better to avoid black. Instead, choose light colors: light gray, ivory, off-white, white.

Custom T-shirts Printed in Coral Springs

Doing the work of researching and organizing the production of your printed custom t-shirts can be long, complicated and tedious for people not from the background. Visit Seemore Shirts and Ts for custom t-shirts printing, where you can create your own graphic design online easily on good-quality t-shirts. For more information, call at (954)324-2156 or visit their website.