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T-Shirt DesignDesigning T-Shirts for a Business – The Basics

Designing T-Shirts for a Business – The Basics

There are many ways to design a tee when you’re designing a company shirt. Here are some popular options to keep in mind.


Screenprinting is a printing method that requires a mesh screen, a stencil, ink, and a squeegee. There are screen printing services for:

  • Cotton products
  • Wood products
  • Plastic products
  • Glass products
  • Metal products

The Benefits of Screen printing

Here are four reasons why screen printing is a great business investment.

  1. Big Savings: Screen printing is all about volume. If you buy printed tees in bulk, you’ll score a substantial discount.
  2. The Equipment is Easy on Delicate Garments: Screen printing is a refined process. It doesn’t damage delicate fabrics like silk, polyester, and chiffon.
  3. Ink Perks: With the right inks, you can create an accurate company logo on a t-shirt. You could also design tees with high-definition inks.
  4. Quality: Screen printing ink is very durable. It can withstand up to 100 washes.

Embroidery Shirts

Embroidery shirts have texture and depth. Here are five popular embroidery techniques:

  • Patchwork embroidery
  • Outline embroidery
  • Shadow work embroidery
  • Fish scale embroidery
  • Counted thread embroidery

The Benefits of Designing Embroidery Shirts

Most embroidery techniques will require a sharp needle and a spool of thread. There are embroidery services for tees, polo shirts, jackets, bags, and more.

Designing a Company T-Shirt

Before you start your designs, you should make a checklist of what you’ll need to do. Here is a smart way to design a great company t-shirt.

Get Opinions From Your Staff

A company t-shirt serves three purposes. It identifies a staff, it promotes professionalism, and it improves solidarity. A business is a team, so if you’re going to design company t-shirts, all employees should be involved during the development process.

Pick a Basic Design

A good t-shirt concept doesn’t have to be complicated. If a design has too many colors, it could cause a sensory overload. You can create a very interesting company t-shirt with two colors and a basic font.

Select the Right Colors

You can use color psychology to influence human behavior if you pick the right hues. For example, warm colors like yellow, orange, and red represent happiness, and cool tones like purple, blue, and green promote calmness.

How to Pick Good Colors for an Established Brand

If your company already has an established color scheme, don’t change it. Instead, use those colors for your logo, and pick a complementary color for the shirts like white.

How to Pick Good Colors for a New Brand

In this situation, every shirt is a blank canvas. Here are some great color combinations for a new concept when you’re designing t-shirts.

  • Yellow and charcoal
  • Yellow and red
  • Blue and white
  • Red and white

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