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Custom T-ShirtsDesign your own T-shirt!

Design your own T-shirt!

Custom T-shirts are becoming more of a trend now. It started from corporate marketing events and within a few years became increasingly popular. Be it a honeymoon trip or a baby shower; people tend to get at least one to share a moment with their loved ones.

Why do you need a customized T-shirt?

Identifying the purpose of designing will help you channel your strategy to deliver what you have in mind through YOUR SHIRT.   

For a starter, list down all the possible key styles, themes, and personality traits you want your shirts to convey. If it’s for a brand, know the character; is it playful or serious? If it’s for a celebration; make sure the brim emotion is conveyed.

To get the top-notch design that hits the audience right on point, it’s ideal to let go of your preference and envision your design from a client’s perspective. For instance; a custom t-shirt promoting breast cancer has to preferably be in the shades of pink or purple; even if you like the color or not!

Here are a few examples of Custom T-shirts that can help you through the T-Shirt Design Process:

Internal Company Use: These shirts can work as uniforms for a group of people, representing a common department, or serving a common cause.

Promotional Giveaway: It has become a common marketing strategy to giveaway T-shirts bearing the logo of the brand or the product.

Twinning with Friends and Family: From bridal showers to honeymoon trips, people enjoy wearing Custom T-shirts, to savor the moment.

Know Your Budget and Quantity

As important as your design can be, the implementation is impossible if you don’t have a budget! It’s quite fair to say, the money you spend on your T-shirt can have a huge impact on your design. 

For instance; the printing method, the quality of the fabric, or the depth of design.

As for the quantity; knowing beforehand how many pieces you might need can help you calculate the cost per piece, helping you come up with a smarter budget plan.

Explore your Printing Options

The printing option you choose says a lot about how the Custom T-shirt might turn out! The factors you need to keenly consider are; cost, quality, appearance, and production time.

The most commonly used printing options can be;

Screen Printing: For orders larger than 20, screen printing can be the most reliable method. It delivers a high-quality product at the most affordable price.

Vinyl Printing: If durability is your prime concern, vinyl printing can be the method of choice.

Print on Demand: Also known as Direct-to-Garment uses the freedom of Ink-jet printing and is highly customizable. It’s ideal for small batches.

Special printing techniques for garments:

Like every other print medium, t-shirts also have their unique ink options; such as plastisol, novelty, High density, gel, and water-based.

Conjure Up your Design

The goal is set, and now that the printing option is selected. Here comes the fun part; The Design. 

It’s time you manifest all the planning into the final product.

Following are the few selections to be made;

T-shirt style or type: You know the target audience; make sure the t-shirt is comfortable enough to wear. If you want to follow what’s trending and aesthetics is your goal, take ideas from the GRAM (Instagram), if needed.

Typography: What goes on the t-shirt and how it’s printed says a lot about your cause. The text or logo printed shouldn’t be too insignificant to go unnoticed, yet not too in-the-face to offend the audience.

T-shirt color: The first element that gets the attention is the color of the T-shirt. Bring your A-game!

Need a Designer?

It’s time you execute the plan! 

Choosing a designer can be the first step in designing a custom T-shirt. But, it’s always better that you go to them with your homework done. Also, when you have worked on the budget yourself, the choice of the designer becomes easier.

If it’s a project close to you, a reliable designer that delivers quality work is all you need. 

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