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5 Brilliant Ways to Design Your Own Shirt

Most people assume that the steps or process to design your own shirt are simple and all they need to do is come up with a catchy slogan and words. They fail to understand that not putting careful thought into their design makes the shirt appear awkward. Avoiding these kinds of issues requires you to plan and think about the design in advance. There are five brilliant ways to do this and create a shirt everyone is proud to wear. 

  1. Think About your Concept

The first step to design your own shirt requires thinking carefully about what you want to say and how you want it to look. The best way to do this is to draw a rough design and some alternatives. The process is brainstorming different thoughts and being open minded to create the one that is right for you. 

While you design your own shirt, you want to keep things simple and easy to understand.  Most people are trying to come up with some elaborate images, phrases, and wording. The problem is it does not send their message and is confusing to those reading the shirt. Good designs are simple and provide an easy to understand message and images. Anything that does not embrace these ideas will create difficulty in the design process. 

Next, you want to print out the design or take picture of it and place it up against the shirt you are thinking about using. Be sure that the art work is the actual size you want to use and on the same scale as the shirt. It gives you an idea of how the words and images appears when it prints onto the shirt. 

  1. Audience 

The intended audience is crucial in creating a shirt they are proud of and enjoy wearing. You want to think about things like the age, gender, who is the audience, their likes, and how they see the shirt. It increases the chances that the design is popular, catchy, and something everyone can identify. 

  1. Select the Right Colors

The color choices are another way that shirts are seen as successful and trendy. You want to choose something that matches the words, images, and emotions you are trying to convey. The wrong selection makes the shirt appear strange looking and it takes away from the design. Placing the image against the shirt and the different backgrounds shows how well everything matches your vision. 

  1. Think about the uses of the Shirt

The uses of the shirt are critical in not only conveying the message, but they are representations of something bigger than it. You want to think about what the picture / words are saying, if it is promoting something, the feelings, and a lasting reminder of the organization. You also want to look at the conditions it is to be worn and effectiveness under these circumstances. 

For example, if you are designing the shirt for employees, you want to make sure that the logo is clear and the wording uses certain catch phrases. Anytime someone is interacting with the organization they will remember what they see and it leaves a lasting impression on them. The images, words, and its usage are crucial in instilling these feelings among the target audience. 

  1. Set the Budget

The budget determines the amount of money spent on shirts. The more images, colors, and wording increase the costs dramatically. In this stage, you need to know how much money you are working with to create the right mixture of creativity with the shirts’ design. 

Next, you want to think about the quantity, quality, and timeframe for your shirts. The quantity depends on if these shirts are in bulk or you are paying a unit cost for them. It works with quality, as you want a durable shirt, people will wear for a long time. The timeframe is planning to have the shirts by a specific date for the event or organization. 

The steps to design your own shirt require planning and thinking about the message. Several areas to look at include the concept, audience, selecting the right colors, shirt uses, and the budget. These factors ensure everything goes smoothly and meets your expectations. To learn more, contact SeeMore Shirts & Tees at (954) 324-2156. Or visit our website to get started.