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3 Common Mistakes in T-Shirt Printing

T-shirts and t-shirt printing are a way of telling the world your ideas and connecting with people. They speak volumes about what you are trying to convey and create opinions about the message and images. Most people assume they can put together a design, place an order, and have the best t-shirts that match their needs. The problem is there many fly-by-night t-shirt design websites that promise you the world and fail to deliver. The companies do not understand what you need, the design, and make you look dumb. The key to avoiding these challenges is to know the three most common mistakes everyone makes in t-shirt printing. It improves the message and shows a sense of style that people comment on and appreciate. 

3 Common Mistakes in T-Shirt Printing

Anytime you design a t-shirt, it is critical to do some planning and preparation. It lays out your vision and what the shirt will say to the world. It means avoiding crucial mistakes in the process including the wrong usage of the positioning, printing, and sizes.

  1. Positioning 

One of the biggest mistakes anyone makes in t-shirt design is positioning the words and images in the wrong places. It sends an incorrect message and people read it and look at you strangely. The design of the shirt needs to be high enough where people will see it and do not become overly judgmental. A good rule is to avoid having the image and words go on the stomach. It is never stylish and most people tend to snicker at those with these kinds of t-shirts. They miss out on the message and look at the person like some kind of a fool. The positioning is crucial in making the t-shirt easy to see and read to convey the intended message. 

  1. Printing

The words and placement of the image are critical in showcasing the ideas and messages. Anytime you are printing something, the size and shape of the words (i.e., the font) need to be in a way that makes sense. It requires a layout for the proper spacing between the letters, words, and the spelling must be correct. Never put everything in all capital letters, as this shows you are yelling at someone. It also must be in the center and matches the visual attractiveness of the t-shirt.  The printing delivers the emotions and ideas your trying to express (even when it is not on purpose).

For example, if you have a corporate function using wording with a heavy metal rock band type of print, you are sending the wrong message. These events are conservative and need more neutral printing. In some cases, people will start with capital A’s and B’s to showcase their larger ideas. These two letters are not as appealing and it highlights that the person designing the t-shirt did not think about the printing. Think creatively, but do so in a way that conveys the intended message for the audience and what it represents. 

  1. Sizes

The sizing is critical in t-shirt design and it makes the image appealing or strange looking. The size uses the picture, the type of material selected, and the intended audience. Sometimes it is better to use larger ones if the shape is not circular or square looking. At other times, larger t-shirts are the best way to go with the image and printing of the garment. You also need to think about who will be wearing it and the range of sizes you require. A good approach is to bring the image, wording, and design up to the t-shirt to see how it looks. It offers perspective about which ones will work for you and the message you are trying to send. The basic idea is to make the t-shirt the one item a person chooses to wear when coming out of the drawer. The size plays a critical role in deciding if it is frequently worn or sitting in the back of their closet. 

Avoiding the common mistakes of positioning, printing, and sizing makes the t-shirt trendy. It conveys the words and images for the intended audience and shows the proper planning. The person wearing it will choose this shirt over others when pulling it out of their drawer. To learn more about t-shirt printing at SeeMore Shirts & Tees, check out our website today. Or, give our team a call at (954) 324-2156.