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T-Shirt Design10 Creative Logo Designs For Apparel

10 Creative Logo Designs For Apparel

Printing your logo on a t-shirt is a great form of advertising, but don’t stick with the standard print locations. When you design your own shirt, your logo will stand out more when placed in a unique location. It will become more memorable. 

So, what are the standard print locations on a t-shirt and how can you mix things up? 

Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it!

Choose The Right Side

A common location for logos is the left chest. This is considered the go-to location for logo placement. The sizing of the font is generally small and the detail is minimal. It’s an understated design that is popular because it’s the corporate standard. If you want to mix things up but not get too crazy, take the same size and logo design and put it on the right chest. 

Upper Center

You have probably seen more logos printed on the upper center of a shirt, right below the collar. This is not a standard placement, but it is growing in popularity. You may think it can only work for t-shirts, but it also works on polos that are slightly unbuttoned and zipper hoodies. 

Try The Hem

For a modern look that will attract a younger demographic, take a standard t-shirt and place your logo design at the bottom corner near the hem (preferably the left side). It’s positioned out of the way rather than being directly in your face. As a result, you can make the font larger and make the logo details pop more than you would with the left chest placement. This and the unique location will make it noticeable. 

Front Shoulders 

Less common than the upper center placement, but growing in popularity, printing your logo on the front shoulders is definitely a unique spin on logo placements. This is the shirt you want to wear when doing a promotional video or interview. Even when the camera zooms in, unless it’s an extreme close-up, prospective customers still have a nice view of your logo. 

Wrapped Around The Sleeve 

If your clientele is more fashion-focused, they might appreciate this unique placement. You can wrap your logo around the sleeve and follow the trend set by many luxury fashion designers.

On The Collar

You don’t see this placement very often, so you may be considered a trendsetter by placing your logo on the collar. Although it’s unusual, it’s a good location to get noticed. It’s so close to the face that people won’t help but look at it during a conversation. 

Down The Spine 

If you place sponsors on the back of your shirt, why not get creative and stack each sponsor logo down the spine of the shirt? Most sponsor backs are placed in a grid, so you will definitely stand out by printing it this way. 

Shoulder Sleeve 

Don’t do the standard sleeve print, which is generally positioned a couple of inches away from the sleeve hem. Instead, have your logo printed on the shoulder, which is slightly higher than the standard location. You can even make your logo bigger when doing it this way. When you contact our T-shirt design studio in Coral Springs, specify that you want a shoulder placement and we’ll deliver exceptional results.

Lower Down On The Long Sleeve 

When placing a logo on the length of a long sleeve, it’s generally positioned as high as it can go. Do the opposite for a memorable look and place your logo as low as it can go, an inch shy from the wrist hem. 

Whatever design you choose, Seemore Shirts and Tees can make it look professional. We produce custom designs online, expertly produce the exact style you have in mind, and quickly deliver the product to your door.

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